Meet Pastor Robert

Pastor Robert began his ministry in Iran and continued his dream of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ upon completing his theological education and graduating from ICI Global University. Through his ministry, he touched many lives. By hearing the good news many accepted Christ into their lives. Also, much experienced healing from various illnesses. 

Within the 35 years of his ministry, pastor Robert experienced working with the youth, young adults, and various church congregations ranging from home gatherings to big churches.

Pastor Robert maintained his strong faith and ministry to Christ until his departure from Iran despite many hardships and difficulties. Upon his arrival to the United States, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, pastor Robert began a new chapter of his ministry. He continued ministering to Assyrian and Persian congregations. His vision was to work among a new generation where every individual he encountered accepted Christ as his/her personal Savior.

Pastor Robert’s calling is to serve God the Father by ministering to individuals and equipping them with the knowledge needed in order to live a Godly life until the day that Jesus Christ returns in all His Glory.